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  1. crown itech8000

    I presseda bunch of the buttons and it seems to have come offf of mute. I still want to get it checked for the scratching. Thanks, Robert
  2. crown itech8000

    I bought 2 B stock amps in 4/2008. I have recently started using the one amp and it has been running in open air with no case for about five months idling 99% of the time. I noticed a faint scratch in the output of the LFE channels, but put it off as my imagination. I turned it on today and I noticed the channel says mute and nothing comes from the sub on that channel. What is the best next step? How do I get factory service? I appreciate the help. Thanks, Robert Pizzolato
  3. Crown I-Tech HD, real?

    The fans on an I-Tech, I-Tech HD and MAi amplifiers are an integral part of the amplifier design and use variable speed, on demand fans controlled by algorithms for the proper amount of air flow as needed. The fans should not be running on high speed all the time. If they are then something else is going on. I have one in my office, right next to me, when I am running signal through it the fans only come on high when I am driving it hard. Modification of a product outside the design would void the warranty and falls under the "Items Excluded from this Warranty" section of the Crown Warranty. "It does not cover any product which has been damaged because of intention misuse, accident or negligence..." Can you help me with some info on the fans in my itech 8000's? they are b stock and I only plgged one in to start the setup process. The fan goes bezerk with nothing going through it- just sitting there. Sounds like an airplane. I mentioned this a couple of months back and I think you mentioned having to update some file. I am getting close to being ready to plug these babies in and use them. I need help with this. Thanks, Robert
  4. Itech 8000 IQ problems

    I need to get that firmware version, but also, is the fan supposed to get extremely loud without any load on the amp. I mean the fan was so loud I was worried it was going to fall apart from turning so fast. At first, it fluctuated uup and down as the fan cycled on and off, but after about 1 hour, the fan just went crazy fast. Is this normal. I only hooked up one of the amps and was just trying to get the connection to work. Thanks, Robert
  5. I have 2 Itech 8000 amps, and I am having trouble communicating with them. I have a network crossover cable and did what the setup procedure called for. I see a "no oif. file" message and I downloaded the latest firmware and software, but, I have no idea how to get these things going. I have been fooling around with these amps for 3 weeks, and I am getting nowhere. I would greatly appreciate any help with this. I just want to configure the amps and make sure all of the settings are like I need them. Thanks, Robert