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  1. Hi Rob, Can we use one GUI for Client to operate the both BLU and Amp ? Thanks, Mak K.H.
  2. Hi DGlass, Our system are used BLU-80 & CTs with USP3/CN & CTS4200/CN Do you have BLU-80 driver for IQwic V8.10 or System Architect ? Please help. Thanks, Mak K.H.
  3. We received a CTs4200/CN, the Firmware Version 2.11.3 & CM410013. Do we need to upgrade Firmware? Do we need to upgrade USPCN Ver2.0.4.7 (CM81027.bin) ? if yes, how? We cannot find CTs4200/CN driver for London Architect V1.10. We only find 'CTs4200 Dual' driver Do you have the driver? Thanks, Mak K.H.
  4. 1) PS8810C display error code E27. It happen again after power reset. What is the error code mean? where can I find the mean of other error code? 2) I setup audio from Cobranet Input to Signal Input 7B but the Input level display the audio is connected to 8B.When the signal Input connect to 8B then the input level display the audio is connected to 7B. (ie Input 7 & 8 swap) IQwic ver : 7.0 PS8810C firmware ver :3.101