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  1. I am having the same issue, did you fix it or did anyone answer your question?
  2. Hello again. Just a quick message to say that I ordered the parts from your International Export Parts Agent, Sheila, and I'm very pleased. The service is excellent and I received my order very quickly. Thank you very much Brett
  3. Thanks again for your answer and your French, do you use an online translator or do you speak French? I've heard nothing but great things about the Crown CM-311A that's why I didn't consider my test to be faithful. I'm waiting for Sheila to answer my mail about prices and shipping and am thinking about buying two WS-6 (don't know how often those get torn out, but it's always good to have a spare one, especially with a foam that's nearly in-your-mouth so very close to moisture). About Britney using it, it's funny (I read your post about the modifications they did to the mic to allow it to work under "falling rain") because I always thought she was doing playback and not singing live anyway (that was clearly the case on the show in Vegas that I saw on TV) I'm thinking about something maybe you can help. Unfortunately for me I am bald (well not quite but I shave my head) so the headband wire and earpiece are quite exposed and visible. So I thought about maybe customizing it, to make it look cooler, but I'm lacking ideas. Have you ever seen or heard about people doing it, or have examples or ideas of what can be achieved? Merci beaucoup, à bientôt Brett
  4. Merci Brubart, I just sent an email to Sheila I did indeed test the mic with the windscreen my friend provided me, and it wasn't in the best conditions ever so I'll just go for the WS-6. Is it the only available windscreen now? Thanks also for the thumbscrew problem which wasn't actually one Cheers, Brett
  5. Hello, I'm new here and I already need help I'm lucky enough to have recently been offered a Crown CM311A microphone by a friend, but the windscreen is beyond repair so I need to get a new one and I can't find any place to buy it in Europe (I am from France). So do you know where I could find this or is it possible to buy it directly from Crown US? Also I'm still a bit hesitant as to what windscreen I should get when I'll find a place to. It seemed to me that the included windscreen was way too thin when I tried it (lots of breathing and poping noise) and was considering getting the WS14 to better reduce breath noises and/or plosives problems, but would it be too dark in the end? And while I'm bothering you, I noticed that I can't totally lock the (checking out the manual to give the right words) boom no matter how hard I turn the thumbscrew. It's "vertically" perfectly fixed (mic is not moving in or out) but it still can rotate inside the block (mic moving up or down). Is that normal or should it be totally locked? And if it's not normal, what can I do about it? Thanks a lot for your answers in advance, Cheers Brett