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  1. Mr Andy F., Thank you for the info. Arthur
  2. Mr DGlass, Do you have any measured data to show us, we are looking at max 40,30 and 20Hz output into a 4 Ohm load. We are not too interested in some specs that are printed i a manual,I know how to read manuals,thank you. Measured data Thank you
  3. Good to see someone at Crown is reading the threads. I for one have both the XTi and iTech, so I think I support your company. One thing I have a hard time taking is a product that underperforms by a large measure,the XTi is in a similar price range to the known competitor who is much closer to spec. I would like to see an explanation of the scores (power output) of the XTi 1000 at 20Hz into a 4 Ohm load,and why it was unable to complete the 2 Ohm load tests. Thank you
  4. I would like to see someone from Crown respond to this. 99% of the people who use these amps will not notice poor performance below 30Hz,as bass bins roll of very sharply below 35Hz. The amp instruction manual does not state the amp collapses like this at 20Hz into a 4 Ohm load. SO the amp should at least get close to the ratings,not be a mile away from them... 90W per channel is laughing stock. Not much more,but for me it is not funny as I have three of these XTi amps.
  5. Chuck, Good post. I would like to see someone from Crown here and maybe explain the very severe drop in output below 50Hz. It is rare to see an amp of this caliber perform so poorly. We are not asking anything near DC here, simply solid output down to 20hz. These amps are used to power several subs,and in HT use 20Hz is a bare minimum. This drop in output DQ's these amps from any subwoofer duty,even bass bins should have solid sustained output down to 30hz. Anyone from Crown care to comment?
  6. Very valid question raised ! I own the Crown XTi1000/2000/4000 power amps and looking at the numbers in this test is scary. We are talking output into a 4 Ohm load @ 20Hz. ...~90W per channel! :angry: What is this? I am hoping the test unit is simply defective,because if it is not these numbers speak volumes. Please note the output into a 8 Ohm load @ 20Hz...~ 225W, we know it should be in the ~400W range when driving an 4 Ohm load. The test shows only 90W! Any educated input from Crown would be apreciated, Thank you