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  1. help needed

    Thanks for your response, Stephane. I don't know the difference between an amp and a pre-amp. It used to be that I just hooked up everything to my Pioneer and it worked fine. Now I get static out of one of the speakers. Its not the speaker. Do I need 2 different "boxes" to replace my Pioneer? I would normally just go to Best-Buy or Circuit City and ask them what I need, but I don't think I can find "american" there.
  2. help needed

    I am, as you may guess, a neophite with repect to sound systems. I bought a Pioneer amplifier almost 30 years ago and it's worked fine until now. Time for an update. I want to buy an American made amplifier. When I try to do a little research, I realize I am in way over my head. Is a Crown amp too sophisticated for me (says "proffesional")? Can someone help me without me having to get a degree? I have simple needs: I have a CD player, a VCR player, and I want to be able to play them, and recieve radio transmission on so we can listen to high quality music. I currently have one set of speakers but will probably add seperate speakers in 1 or 2 other rooms. I have an HD TV with surround sound capabilities, which at some time imay want to take advantage of. May some day want to hook up a "record player" (some of you may remeber what those are.)