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  1. Reynold, I may have not been concise, but I said that both amps were in production, similarly priced, and after a careful listening evaluation I choose the CTs1200. They are about 95% alike from an audio quality perspective. In most applications, I don't think that the differences in the class I and grounded bridge architectures would be audible. The fans in the CTs1200 are completely compatible with home use. I would recommend that you give the CTs1200 a try with confidence. If you really want a class I unit, go with the CTs2000. Frank
  2. Reynold, When I bought the CTs1200, the K2 was still in production. There was a retail cost difference, but it was not large enough to be a factor. To help make my purchase decision, I set up a listening test where I brought my existing K2 to a friends house and swapped it out with his consumer Classe amplifier. The objective was to subjectively compare a decent class I and class A/B+B amplifier. We matched the levels of each amplifier with a test tone on a CD and a voltmeter on the loudspeaker terminals. In comparison to the Classe, I thought that the K2 produced a little bit better of a stereo image and much better bass extension, dynamics, and control. It really seemed help the speakers to have less ringing and better transitions in the bass program material. The Classe seemed to be better in the upper octaves. I really couldn't explain why, because other than the level match, nothing about this test was scientific. Both amplifiers were dead quite with respect to audible thermal noise. Both amplifiers were very good in the vocal range with the exception of the slightly better image center on the K2. Based on the listening test and other reviews of Crown's Macro Tech line, I decided to give the CTs1200 a try. The Macro Techs have all-business noisy fans. The CTs1200 brought a lot of what I liked about the Classe into my system, but I did not have to buy a pretty looking consumer amplifier that occasionally blows fuses on power-up. I still think that the K2 has the best image center and bass control. I am really trying to think of a way to give you a better idea, but I think that I have already stretched the limit of a credible post with the above. You may want to try to rent a Macro Tech or set up a similar test to get an idea for yourself. They are both very good amplifiers. Frank.
  3. Reynold, With all of the issues posted in this forum, I should also add that I have been using the CTs1200, a CTs600, and a K2 in various systems in my house for years. I have not experienced a single odd sounding artifact, noisy pot, blown fuse, or noisy switch at anytime. Reliability has been 10/10 for me. Frank.
  4. Reynold, I do not work for Crown, but I have about 3 years of experience with the CTs1200 in a home system. The fan does not run when the amplifier is first turned on. After some heat builds, the fans automatically switch on to a relatively fast speed to cool the unit. After a minute or two, the fans slow down to a lower speed where the noise level is very low. My 2003 Kenmore refrigerator running about 35 feet away around a partitioning wall makes more noise in the listening room. The key is to periodically clean dust from the unit to allow the fans to efficiently cool the unit at the slowest fan speeds. Being a former Navy radio technician, I am comfortable with removing the cover to blow out the unit every 9 months or so. Your interval may vary because we have a lot of fury pets in the house. If you crank the volume up, about loud enough to listen to music while vacuuming, the fans will speed up some to remove the extra heat. This is definitely not a problem because the music and ambient noise is much louder than the fan noise. The reason that I deal with the minor inconvenience of the fans and dust is the sonic performance that you get for the cost. The amplifier subjectively seems like it has limitless power and dynamics for my application. It has a grounded bridge output that is perfect for my on the high side of 8 ohm speakers. This amplifier sounds just as open and clean at higher 90-100 dB levels as it does at very low levels (like wife sleeping upstairs.) I don't have experience with using lower impedance speakers with the CTs1200, but I would be surprised if you found that it was even close to not being enough in a home environment. If you decide to order, it comes with a 3ft 14 Gauge 120V cord in the US version. I would recommend that you not skimp on the AC cabling if you need a longer cord. I used way overkill 10 gauge SJOOW and cord mount connectors to make a 6 foot cable. Plugging the provided 3ft cord into a short heavy duty 14 or 12 gauge extension cord would probably also work. Frank.