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  1. Power Rating of Crown XTI-4000

    Hi Everyone, I just received a response about the ACTUAL 20hz - 20Khz power output of the Crown XTI-4000 in an email, as follows: Subject: RE: Specs for Crown XTI-4000 Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 16:04:48 -0400 From: "Gring, Kevin" <> Add Mobile Alert To: "Ron Folse" <> Ron, The 20-20k number would be a little above 1110 Watts Kevin B Gring Application Support Engineer Crown International 1-800-342-6939 (574) 294-8006 (574) 294-8099(FAX) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ron Folse [] Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 5:58 PM To: Gring, Kevin Subject: Specs for Crown XTI-4000 Hi Kevin & Mark, I own one Crown XTI-4000 and thinking about replacing my QSC-3402's with more of your Crown XTI-4000's. However, I have an important question first. The Crown XTI-4000 is rated at 1200 w/ch @ 1Khz @ 4 ohms. What is its continuous power rating per channel from 20hz-20Khz @ 4 ohms? Thanks for your assistance... Best regards, Ron Folse
  2. I have 4 QSC PLX-3402 power amps that are rated at 1100 watts rms per channel @ 4 ohms, from 20hz - 20Khz. I own one Crown XTI-4000, as well. I was VERY impressed with the DSP section of the Crown using the HiQ software - WOW! So, I am thinking of replacing my 4 QSC with Crown XTIs. However, Crown rates the XTI-4000 @ 1200 watts rms per channel, but at 1Khz, not 20hz - 20Khz. So, before if replace my amps, I would like to know what the Crown's output rating is from 20hz - 20Khz per channel @ 4 ohms. PLEASE HELP.... Thanks, Ron