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  1. Hello I am looking at designing a system with a large amount of I-tech HD amplifiers. These amps have cobranet and control on the same RJ45 port. Because I am using 45 of these I-tech HD amplifers i wish to seperate the cobranet from the control and have each live on two seperate networks. Is there a way to do this? With a managed? switch maybe? Is this even nessessary? I am looking a multicasting 8 channels on one bundle.
  2. I have a Tabbed Panel container in system architect, and need to know if I can change the height of the tabs. Changing the text size doesn't help.
  3. Hello, I am attempting to send E-mail from system architect to notify me in the case of a log error or warning. I am using gmail as an SMTP client but getting the following error. The SMTP server smtp.gmail.com is configured to accept only TLS connections, and the SMTP client is attempting to connect by using a non-TLS connection. The solution is for the user to set EnableSsl=true on the SMTP Client. So....does anyone know how to EnableSsl=true on system architect?