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  1. xti set up for ampeg rig

    I'm a bass player and thats to much, unless you touring stadiums. But it will sound ok if you must!
  2. Hi Dglass, Thats it. All fixed. Thanks again. Jonny Doyle
  3. Hi, tried it. Still not working. See email. Thanks Dglass.
  4. Sorry, think i put this in the wrong place. Mod's please feel free to move.
  5. Hi all, Firstly a very newbie question.... Hopefully someone can get this working. I've a gig thursday and would really like to use my new VRX Sub!! The XTI4000 was built 06/25/07 and the serial number is 8001406***. I've loaded up SA version that came with the amp. I think its version 1.5. I've held down the 3 buttons on the front and It says 1 1 2 9. Could it be the incorrect firmware? Now, when i connect the XTI to the computer via the usb cable the computer notices the connection. Under tools/network wizard it shows the XTI as detected and gives it a address of 2333 and the type as being a crownXTI and the id address. But after that nothing. Ive heard how others simple just turn on there XTI's and they appear on the venue view for use. But nothings happening at all for me. Any help will be great and hopefully I can get this VRX sub working!!!