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  1. Crown XS1200 Funny Looking Plug On Amp

    Check with the company that sold the amp it should have come with the right cord. If they can't help call Crown they are quite helpful. Look here http://www.accesscomms.com.au/reference/IEC320.htm. This is a list of IEC Standard configurations.
  2. which amp for these old speakers?

    Have you tried contacting someone in your area that repairs organs? My Father in Law had an old organ that needed parts and I ended up finding a hobby type that had all of the info I needed.
  3. I-techs?

    Try looking at the Crown Itech page and look at the ac and thermal info for the amps.
  4. Nothing happens?!

    Under tools/options/manage network connections do you see a USB Device listed? If not you have not set up the usb port. You need to add a connection and select the VID device from the list.
  5. xti 2000 with no clip limit

    The amp with the clip limit is the first run of firmware. Off, -3, -6, and -12 are the current firmware. Check previous postings for an explanation of what off means.
  6. IQ Interface II / PIP-USP2

    The current version of Iqwic works with the pip2 cards, you need to start the IQ gateway and direct it to the correct com port that the current loop adaptor is on. Two of us here, have the belkin usb to serial adaptor and have had no problems with the connection. We tried other usb to serial adaptors and nothing else seemed reliable. I do think your cable length is a little excessive.
  7. Where in the IQwic software can I find the current setting of the maximum analog input gain? The amps are currently set to 15dbu as shown on the display in the advanced settings menu. Can't seem to find it in IQwic software.
  8. IQNET stays offline

    What version of Netware is it? If it is a current version then there are issues with file sharing. I ran into this with quite a few programs when we upgraded, spent a lot of hours tweaking things to get everything to work. A diagram of how the amps, server and client are connected would help a lot. Sometimes, if using a network server as a router in the network just gets in the way. How many hops away is the server where the .wiq files live?
  9. Input Peak Voltage Limiter

    Well..........I hate to play dodge ball with this one but I don't know of any golden rule of voltage headroom for Peak Voltage. I would have to go along with whatever the speaker manufacture {who ever that may be } recommends. After all who would know their products better. 836[/snapback] Got it figured out, was just over analyzing.
  10. Input Peak Voltage Limiter

    Thanks, the head audio guy and I were a little confused. We are sending out our gear and we are not going to be there and wanted to set the limiters, so they don't wipe out our speakers. So one more question, how much lower than the peak limit should the threshold be set? The manufacturer, another Harmon group co, say's 56 volts for the highs (Guess you know which box I'm talking about. )
  11. In Itech Amps is the Input Peak Voltage limiter really an Output Peak Voltage limiter? What I am trying to do is limit the output of the amp to the speaker. Don't want a bunch of JBL fried speaker componets coming back to the shop, it gets expensive that way. I am setting up new control pages for all of the speakers/Amps we own and want to do it right the first time. The control is in the output section of the amp so input verses output lingo is .
  12. 4882 Tunings

    The settings for the 4880's work just fine with the 82's. Good sounding sub.
  13. 4882 Tunings

    Just got some 4882's in the shop. I put the 4880 highpass / lowpass curves in and they sound good. Not as beefy as a dual 18, but very warm. Do you have Itech setting's for them?
  14. Itechs

    What is the impedance of the low's you are driving? The Itech is designed to run a 4 ohm load. If you are driving a load that is different (2 ohms) then you get less power from the amp.
  15. I have more than one network card installed in my PC. How can I make IQwic use the one I want to use to talk to the amps all of the time? I have an airlan (talks to my AirPanel) and a card I use to talk to the amps. IQwic insists on using the airlan to talk to the amps at first. I use the network wizard to point to the amps and then open the dataframe and all is good. Do I need to rename the Airlan to Zlan so it appears at the bottem of the list?