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  1. XLS 402 16 Ohm Load

    The source for the 8? spec came from my distributor. I emailed him the links to Polk and he called them and asked what was going on. They said there was a mistake on the website (oh great). I've not seen the back of the speakers, but he says they say 4? as well. I would have to see a pair myself to verify what is going on. I could run JBL Control 25's (about the same size). They are 8? and as you say I could connect both sets in Series, then connect both sets in Parallel to each other, keeping the load at 8?'s. The total power acceptance on the line would be 4*150 watts, for 600 watts total, and WELL within the 300 watts/channel at 8?'s. My other option (if they truly are 4?'s), is to do the same wiring on the Atrium 50's: 4*80 Watts = 320 max power, then I could throttle the max output from the amp. OR I could do Atrium 60's 4*125 watts = 500 watts potential handling, and maybe pull the amp gains down a small amount as to not blow these speakers. The Polk DSW 400 sub is a powered sub, and I would take a speaker wire to it merely so it could "sense" the voltage changes and adjust its power accordingly. It would not cause any significant Ohm changes on the line (as far as I understand).
  2. XLS 402 16 Ohm Load

    I was originally looking at putting up a set of Polk Atrium 50's with a powered subwoofer, or even Atrium 60's. The Polk site rates them as 8 Ohm speakers, but now I'm being told that it is a misprint on Polk's site and they are 4 Ohms. I may need to look into other speakers. I was going to hook these up in series so that I could keep from blowing the speakers out. You may ask why I'd be using such a powerful amp. It's not necessariliy by choice (yes I could buy another). This is a jukebox and it comes from the manufacturer with the 402 amp. It just happens that the bar location is rather small. I hope this clarifies and answers your question. If you need more from me, let me know.
  3. XLS 402 16 Ohm Load

    Cool thanks. Does anyone know if running 16 Ohms will damage the amp?
  4. I am looking at operating an XLS 402 under a 16 Ohm load. From what I recall, this should not damage the amplifier at all, as I am not hard driving the amp (if I am wrong, please let me know). I do however need to know what kind of power the amp will provide under 16 Ohms. I know it is 8 Ohm 300 Watts/Channel, 4 Ohm 450 Watts/Channel. I have this amp, but am using it in a smaller location where smaller speakers with less power handling will be installed. Possibly something along the lines of (2) 80 Watt speakers or (2) 100 Watt speakers (per channel), for a total capacity of 160-200W/Channel. Thanks