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  1. Just wanted to add to what Dakos told you. I had ask that same question about the drive rack a few months ago and was giving the same answer . The drpa is great but when you use the dsp on the itechs i believe the results are super. I configured my amps it took a while and a lot of tweeting but now the parties or events i play for i use just my 6000 on hi and 8000 for lows and my crowd or even pro djs are amazed of the quality of sound produced from these amps vs. my competitors quantity. The inputs and outputs stages are never cliping and speakers sound amazing
  2. Hello guys just a quick ? Will a Xti 4002 give me the headroom i need for a custom jbl monitor with 1 2206h Driver per cab for mids or should i use a XTI 6002 . I never used the xti amps Thank you
  3. Hello I just bought an itech 8000 used from a rep and had a few questions. The amp fan comes on at idle with no load, loud and turns down after 30sec to 1 min, every 2 mins , is that normal? I have 2 itech 4000 and a 6000 and on idle they start up loud but run at a very low speed after. I have the lastest firmware . Is this a repair issue?
  4. Itech series

    Just a question again i am new and a rookie to these amps . If i were to use let say 2 jbl 2206h 12inch for mids on the itech 6000 what will be my tunnings or setting for the dsp per side. Will it be based on the speaker specs or audioable setting. Because i am going to be using 2 jbl 2206h 600W continous per ch on the itech 6000 for mids 2 RCF L18P300 1000W continous per ch on the itech 8000 for lows 2 eminence PDS- 2002-16 drivers 80W continous per ch on the itech 4000 for highs Thank you again
  5. Hello again I bought today 2 Itech 4000 1-6000 and 1-8000 and a DBX driverack PA+ . My question is do i need the drive rack or i should use the Dsp on the amps . Or should i use the drive rack and not use the Dsp If so how do i disable the Dsp on the amps . Regards any assistance I will be gratefull.
  6. Recommended Crown amp

    Sorry ! I got 4 boxes 1 driver per box . 2 boxes per side . Thanks again
  7. Can the Cts 4200 be used at 16 omhs stereo ? I see it can be used at 16ohms bridge . What will be the out if so ?
  8. Hello guys in the ,market for another crown amp for my Dj set. I had a American ....... V10.. on my HF drivers it shorted in a gig and took all my drivers. Anyway i bought 4 new drivers and crossovers but would like to purchase another crown amp ,which amp would anyone recommend for my drivers . I will be using 2 HF drivers a channel. Great deals on the Xti and drivecore xls or can i use a Cts 600 The HFdrivers are in bi amp with 12in jbl 2206h in custom boxes Each driver is Eminence PSD-2002 -16 Specs -16ohms 80watts EIA426B @1.2khz Regards and thank you for any assistance
  9. D-75

    hello i am new and i have 2 D-75 that needs repairs . Both fell and need repairs i am trying to get schematics ! can anyone help ?