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  1. Thanks alot.Just want to buy some macro-tech 5002VZs.Are they the same as 5000VZs?I mean does they have the same switchable power supply? Thank you for understanding
  2. HELP!!!!!!!!SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Greatings.I have been using crown macro-tech series amps for more then 12 years,here in lviv,Ukraine.(1200,2400 and 5000 models),and they all performed like a rock Now I plan to buy some used ones from USA(macro-techs).SO THE QUESTION IS:DOES ALL THE AMPS OF THESE SERIES(I MEAN macro-tech 600,1200,2400,3600vz and 5000vz )can be switched internally to work here in europe 220 VOLTS??? As far as I know all 5000s have switchable power supplys.Is that true?How about ohers?Also,All my amps were bought in the usa(special order-220volts).Is the amcron ams the same as crown? Thank you. Rostik