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  1. Yes, renting one is a good idea, that qway i can compare the xti next to another amp, smart idea!!!
  2. It became a Generalmusic DPA 1.K, an incredible amp old fashioned class AB no tricks, just an enormeus tor.powersupply. But answers are still welcome, which one is the most 'hifi-sounding with a good deep bass-production' the XTI-series or the XLS????
  3. Hello everyone!!! I am new here, i was surfing on the web for a new replacement for my Heathkit AA1640, it must be a reliable and well built amp with a lot of power and a big powerplant in it like my old Heathkit. I want to use an Crown or Electravoice amp for my NAD-pre amplifier on my hifi-set (i got 300 watt RMS 15 inch beyma woofers with passive 4way crossover with Philips Basmid,mid and high). I don't want to spend thousands of euro's on expensive NAD or Bryston amplifiers. What is a wise hifi-sounding Crown-amplifier? i like to optain a 2x500 watt RMS (20-20000Hz) at 8 ohm amp. Which Crown is the most hifi-sounding amp with that kind of power? XTI or XLS for example or another one? Fan-noise doesn't matter for my loud dance-music Please advice me if you have experience with the amplifier-ranges of Crown. Greetings from Holland, Ralphies.