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  1. Firmware for XTi 2000

    Last question. I noticed that you have tunings for JBL speakers, will tunings for EAW speakers ever be available?
  2. Firmware for XTi 2000

    I understand, thanks. Hopefully everything will work fine once I pick up the USB hub. I have recently set up my laptop wirelessly using Yamaha Studio Manager which is a bit like your System Architect software to access a Yamaha M7CL console, so I am hoping I will have no problems with the USB hub. If I do I'll be sure to post again. Thanks once again for your reply, it's appreciated.
  3. Crown XTi 2000 Signal Problem

    I just purchased 3 XTI 2000's, and I have just started visiting this forum to learn all I can on these amps. I can say that I am very happy with the results so far, but posts like this with no response from the Crown Forum Administrators worries me a bit. Can someone from Crown respond to the posts above? (thanks!)
  4. Firmware for XTi 2000

    Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the System Architect zip file and installed the software and got everything up and working with no problems. I am now able to connect to my power amp via my laptop. I am in the process of purchasing 2 additional XTi 2000's and want to be able to connect to all 3 of the XTi 2000's while running sound during a gig. After reading posts in the forum, I understand that I have to setup each power amp within the System Architect one at a time using a single USB cable. After each amp has been setup, I would like to be able to access each of the 2000's via USB. Do I understand correctly that if I want optimum performance (without freezing my laptop) I should purchase a self powered USB Hub in order to access all 3 of the power amps? Any direction would be appreciated.
  5. Where can I locate and download Firmware for a XTi 2000? Thanks very much!