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  1. xti 2000 dead powerup problem

    Hi Kip Whitehead, Can you mail a service manual so i can measure some voltage on the psu section. I'm a Tech eng. This will really help to solve this problem. email: Best regards, Alberto Resantika
  2. xti 2000 dead powerup problem

    the amp doesnt comeup at all. no blue light , no display. i check my schematic u send me earlier for the xti 4000 (138349-12_A) and it seems the same as the xti 2000 amp. there is a +15 v that drives many ic in the PSU that doesnt come up. I measure R374 (48.7 K) resistor and it read zero. i replace it but something keeps the +15v output to zero volt. now i have to check if there is short circuit that goes to the ic's. D31 15v zener diode is good. the +15v drives the bias of the 3 transistors Q39, Q40 and Q 41. I hope with this info u can help me out DGLASS. Regards, Alberto
  3. Hello can someone help me repair my xti 2000 issue: doesnt poweron after pushing power button. alberto
  4. xti 4000 schematic

    i have a xti 4000 which gave me problems after 25 mins of pumping at full level the amp trips. i suspect the cooling fan is not working. replace it with a new one doesnt cure the problem. can anyone send me a schematic or service manual thanks, Berto