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  1. Thankyou so much, this is a great reply. The speakers are 400w continuous, 1x12"+1x6"+2 ferro tweeters. It's a three way design with a 800w crossover. So if I wanted more speakers I should look at the XTi 2000 or the 4000? Cheers Steve.
  2. The XTi 1000 I purchased for my bass rig is superb but are there any tips or cool settings with the internal effects that could be used to make things even better? I'm running the amp in bridge mode at 4 ohms, two 8 ohm speakers but I want to use 4 x 8 ohm speakers in stereo(see my previous post). I am using no internal settings in the XTi 1000 at the moment just bridged straight to cabs, no eq, no limiting, nothing. Are there any tweaks I could do to better match the AccuGroove cabs I am using?(2 x Tri 112L's 8 ohms, 400w RMS with two more to follow.) Cheers Steve.
  3. Hi there. This is my first post and the first time I've used a power amp for bass guitar. Can anyone tell me if I can use two 8 ohm cabs (AccuGroove Tri 112's, 400w @ 8 ohms) for channel one and another 4 ohm load for channel two when using stereo mode. What power would the amp produce into each channel @ 4 ohms. I'm using the amp in bridge mode to power the two AccuGrooves, so that's 1400w into 4 ohms, so I dont have the level very high but I would like to use another two Tri 112's so the four of them wouldn't have to work so hard. When the specs say 700w per channel 2 ohms, does that mean 700w into a 4 ohm load for each channel or 700w into a 2 ohm load per channel? I hope I've explained this clearly. I am using various basses with active electronics going into an Ampeg SVP PRO preamp then into the amp, is this driving the amp properly. Cheers Steve.