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  1. ComTech 200 and 210

    Thanks DGlass, So the 10 series are newer than the 00 series? When did Crown switch over to the 10 series and how long ago did Crown stop mfg the 10 series?
  2. What is the difference between the Comtech 200 and 210?
  3. D150A II problem

    Thanks Karlos, I have turned the pots up and down several times. I ordered some new parts but Crown only had 1 pot and they are not going to stock them any more. Since ordering the parts I have noticed the problem getting worse. When the amp is turned on and starts playing the IOC for both sides blink on and off with the music. After the amp is on and playing for 4-5 miniutes the IOC lights for both channels slowly begin to turn off, but as I turn the right channal pot down from being all the way up the IOC for that channel comes on again. I guess it may be more than a bad pot.
  4. D150A II problem

    I have a D150A II that has a problem with the right channel. The IOC LED comes on and stays on if the attenuator is from 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock. I think it may just need a new pot. Could a bad pot cause the IOC LED to come on? Both attenuators have been making noise for a few years and I was thinking about replacing then anyway. Also how do you remove the knob to replace the attenuator? The knobs on the D75 have setscrews but the D150......