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  1. Have to go back to this installation, everything works, but it's really really slow. I'm thinking of installing one "Raspberry PI" per rack to share the USB's to the network Will the XTI be recognized in Linux?? Do I need drivers?? Thank you. RASPBERRY PI
  2. I used wireless router Asus RT-N66U (but any will do), and two TP-Link TL-PS310U for the XTI. The I-Techs connect directly to the router The TL-PS310U comes with the drivers and a little software that must be installed Then, it's a matter of building the network, which basically consists giving the correct IP to all the amps, PC, router and TL-PS310U's, in my case: Subnet mask: IP: etc,etc I made proof that all this works, but haven't finished the installation (still finishing the Custom Panels and IPad panels). I hope this helps you, any problems I'll be glad to help (that's actually my job here in Portugal ) NOTE: One thing I noticed and that might interest someone is that with passive USB hubs you can connect 4 XTI to each TP-Link TL-PS310U, but I used one active USB hub and this hub was counting as one device, meaning that I could only connect 3 XTI if I was using this active hub. EDIT:I can already foresee a problem in my installation, every time you turn on the PC you have to open the TP-Link TL-PS310U software and activate (connect) all the USB devices it sees (The XTIs). Since I'm using Kiosk mode on S.A. and want to give access only to Custom Panels, I don't know how to automate that USB activation at startup, but I'm sure I'll find a way...
  3. For the sake of other people's searches I can now say that a wireless router and this works. Each TP-Link TL-PS310U supports 4 XTI (through a USB Hub) and the only thing is that the network is somewhat slow, the meters on System achitect are not fluid anymore. Thaks to everyone who tried to help. EDIT: Just to add that the XTI directly to the USB port of the Asus router didn't work.
  4. Hello, If I connect 7 xti to a USB Hub and then to the USB port of this router will S.A. see the amps over wireless? USB Hub: router: usb port (back of the router): If not, is there a router with ethernet and USB so that I can connect XTIs and I-Techs at the same time? Thank you.