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    "DSP" is digital signal processing. Having it on the amplifier is virtually useless for portable PA because almost everyone has a DBX driverack product that handles all of that. It is especially troublesome if you have a DSP amp paired with non DSP amps. The DSP amps will exhibit some delay due to the time it takes to process the signal. DSP is used typically on the amp in an effective way when it is in a installed situation or remote cluster and you want to "set it and forget it". My advice after having been around the block with CE series, XTI, QSC RMX, others...having to get a rack full of amps to run a JBL srx system....get 3 macrotechs and be done with it. I run a dual stack of JBL SR4733x tops with sr4719x bottoms (two columns per side) with 3 amps. 2 ma5002vz (lows/mids), and one K2 (highs). Trusty Driverack PA. I used to use five amps to run one stack with the "cheap" stuff. I throw the kitchen sink at these amps, and they perform flawlessly every time. They dont even get hot. (the K2 does, but it is a fanless amp)