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  1. Firmware

    I got it figured out...kinda. One of the amps is slower to respond than the rest for some reason. Still not sure why yet. If you give it a couple seconds longer than the rest of the amps it comes through and everything works just fine. If you rush it when using the TCPIQ Utility, as I am prone to do, it freaks a little and doesn't see a firmware date. At that point when you launch IQWIC you may be locked out. The solution is to close the program and then restart it, if you're patient enough (like 2 to 3 seconds longer) it works just fine. On another note, we have a 6k that crackles on one side. What's really strange is that it does it when it's muted and when you pull the signal. How do we rectify that? Thanks for the help. Steve
  2. I have 10 iTechs in two racks. All of them have networked successfully, except that one of them (a 4k) shows no firmware information and allows for no control of the amp. For instance, I can see the amp, all the IP crap is right and all, but when I go to mute the amp, nothing happens. All the other amps have a Feb. 24, 2004 date on the firmware, this one has no date. What do I have to do to get this thing to work? Steve