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  1. My older 3U xls 602 amp fan is failing (bearings going out) and I would like to replace it. I have an electronics background, and I'm comfortable doing this out-of-warranty repair. Questions for Crown Service: 1) What is the replacement fan's part number? I plan to buy the service manual and the replacement part in the same order from Crown. 2) Is soldering required? 3) Assuming normal anti-static bench precautions, what other precautions are recommended before opening up the case? (I know that I can get shocked by touching charged capacitors.)
  2. voices through subs

    Is your subharmonizer on? I had this problem, and I found it to be that issue.
  3. Coming March 12...

    Replacing the XLS line with a new version. This would explain the recent steeply discounted XLS amps widely available.