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  1. MA9000i

    I second this!!! I jsut got this amp and used it two times with two different speaker configurations. Config 1 - 2 SRX738 and 2 SRX718 .... I couldnt believe the clarity and pure POWER the SRXs were producing Config 2 - 4 SRX738s ......WOW! My old amps were two MA3600VZs ..... they seem like a joke compared to the MA9000i ......
  2. Hi i was wondering if a crown staff member could Chime in to this thread and offer any adivce for getting the best sound from my setup ( itech 6000 w/ 1 pair of SRX 738 speakers @ 8 ohms 800/1600/3200 watts)
  3. Ah, thanks Arnis. I will have to check it out via my PC at my next gig. I wonder if I double up the speakers per channel to have a 4 ohm load on both channels if the Clipping still occurs to early?
  4. I just saw the BANDPASS GAIN information on this site when i searched ITECH6000. I will try to mess around with this setting at my next gig. My other question is I have been seeing a lot of references to INPUT vs OUTPUT CLIPPING. AKA UP FRONT vs OUTPUT clipping. My question is the Clip led on the face of the amp, when that lights up is that Input or output clipping? I do have the Clip limiter enabled yet I found it odd that the this CLIP LED came on when I was raising the volume to get my desired loudness.
  5. hello, I just purchased the SRX738 and Itech 6000 and I must say I am not getting the bass and loudness BEFORE CLIPPING that I had expected. With the 8 ohm load I am pumping 1500Watts into each speaker. I dont understand if I am setting something wrong on the amp settings or what. A little background: The situation its being used for parties, I am a mobile DJ where I need to have a good amount of Low ( bass ) , mid and Highs. I do average 300 ppl parties. My old setup is the MA-2400 and SR4738s. They gave me great sound. I am using a Pioneer DJM400 mixer with 2 CDJ700s Cd players. Any advice on why I am not getting the expected sound before I hit clip on both channels? If I cant get the sound I want I think I am going to swap the amp out with the MA-5002V amp but I wanted to see if maybe the settings are to blame. I am still rooting for this Itech amp but my partner wants to go to the Macro Tech line since we had no probs with them in the past 10 years. Thanks for any info! Neil Shah