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  1. Thanks Stephane. I thought the DC300 was about as old, so I wasn't sure about it, it just seemed like a lot of people were still using things like D150s and DC300s, frankly I was puzzled, talk about old technology. I will check into the XTI. Appreciate the help. Kevin
  2. Thanks Stephane, that's helpful. I have 7 1/2" for the shelf now and can adjust the shelf a few inches more as well (which will help with heat). Its been progressively noisier for years and now its giving up the ghost. Based on your measurements, I have the room to make the DC300 fit. Is there any other product recommendation you might make, or is the DC300 a good power upgrade for his situation? Kevin
  3. I have a very old D150A that I bought used in 1977. Its for a home stereo system with a Crown IC150A pre amp powering a pair of ADS L810 speakers which are 4 ohms. I purchased the IC150A new, a few years after buying the D150A and it is operating fine. The D150A is finally giving out on me and I would like to replace it. I'd like to go up a bit in power. What would you recommend? I was thinking of trying to locate a used DC300A (or AII). Would that work well for this situation? Also, how much larger is the DC300A (or AII) (for my wood home entertainment console)? Thanks. Kevin