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  1. usm810 signal loss

    Will uploading tne most current version of firmware possibly solve this problem? I have noticed when the problem occurs hooking the computer up and starting communications with the 810 solves the problem immediately. David
  2. usm810 signal loss

    I did toggle the event manager on then off last night during a rehersal, as well as reloaded the presets and made a few EQ changes. All seems to be working fine for now. I appreciate the help and pretty much had already come to the conclusion that there was more than likely a problem within the processor anyway. The company that installed it keeps telling me the problem is not within the processor, but is more than likely our sound board. Granted our Mackie does have issues but it is sending a signal that is not getting out of the system. We will contact the contractor and give him this info and request he send the unit in for repair. Thanks again. David
  3. usm810 signal loss

    The unit has been in use for 2 1/2 years in our church. The front of the unit does not show any change during the problem. It seems to only happen when the unit has been on for about 1-2 hours. After turning off the whole system and restarting it seems to work just fine. There is no computer hooked up to it when the problem occurs. We have no events scheduled and the scheduler is off. If I reload the current settings from a computer the unit works fine for several weeks before losing output signal again.
  4. When I power up my system everything works fine for approx 1 hour then I lose output signal in two chanels(the same two each time). After powering system down then restarting it seems to be ok. firmware version is 1.003. Where do I go from here? I cannot continue shutting dow the system during service.