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  1. I have sent you a .zip folder that has both latest the .S and the .hex firmware files as well as the Cloader program. If one doesn't work try the otherone. Then download and install the latest version of System Architect 1.6 I was able to get this to work by installing SA 1.4. That firmware upgrade worked, and the amp communicates with my computer. I like this amp. I have another ordered due to arrive friday. I will see what firmware version it is, and hopefully get both amps the same. I am perfectly happy with SA1.4, unless there is good reason to upgrade beyond that. I did get the SA 1.6 HEX file you sent. thanks, Bob Hage
  2. I am attempting to update the firmware on a used xti1000 I purchased. I am using SA 1.5. The update program works as described until the very end, when it says "need USB Ver 1.000 or greater to Program the serial number." Checking the unit shows that the firmware is still set at 1.0002 as it was before the update. I've tried with different PCs with the same result. I know this PC has USB 2.0, so I don't understand the problem. Please help. thanks, Bob Hage hage1@avella.k12.pa.us
  3. Installed Sys Arc on my Vista PC (classic mode), connected to ITC1000. Ran the firmware update that came with the SA 1.5, all went as described. Connected amp to PC via USB, started SA, nothing happens. If I go to Manage Network, the device is listed in the USB section, but does not appear in Venue, and thus cannot be edited. What am I missing? Thanks, bob
  4. I am trying to update Sytem Arch. to 1.6 as per instructions. When I run the update program and browse to the file, all I can find is a .s file. The program says "s-format files not supported, use HEX file". Where can I get this HEX file? thanks, XTI1000