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  1. Thanks for the replies. I thought that 'SHx' meant a SHort or something. Glad to see it isn't the case. Have had several days of trouble-free processing - don't see why it won't continue this way. Thanks again! Ryan J
  2. What about the 'shx' (where x is a number from 0-3) failures? I thought it might be a short or something. It's very odd. Did get the unit working, but still have a concern or two. Ryan J
  3. Can someone please tell me what the origin of this problem may be, so that I can avoid it? Right now I'm having some doubts about my 810 and my desire to stick it in a critical application setting if the problem is kinda random. Also, never had any success with a firmware upgrade... kept coming up with an error after 1%. Thanks. RyanJ
  4. Problem has mysteriously disappeared. Also going to upgrade the firmware from 1.001 to 1.100. Thanks. Ryan J
  5. I've been programming an older USM-810 (by older I mean it's been used) and never had a problem with it. I unplugged it to move it over to my amp rack and made the mistake of leaving it plugged into the RS-232 port. Plugging it back in, it goes through it's normal boot cycle. The display gets to "sh3" and immediately switches to E13, before resetting and trying the whole thing again (and again and again and again). I cannot connect to it using IQ (except once when I unplugged it then plugged it back in, and it immediately lost the connection when the thing rebooted). Figuring it might be a bad power problem I switched circuits and had no success. Eek! Help! Ryan J