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  1. Cts 1200

    Using the Xti series amp as an example, there are others I'm sure, there seems to be a semi linear relationship between rated output and nominal load. 700W @ 2 Ohms, 500W @ 4, 275W @ 8 etc.............. What's "inside the box" of this amp that allows it to maintain 600W output at both 4 and 8 ohms. Similarily, why such a steep decline in output @ 2Ohms? Just wondering. What was or is the design consideration for such an amp.............
  2. I've recently aquired a CTs 1200. I was impressed by 600W @ 4 or 8 ohms over 20 to 20K. as opposed to 1K. Neat! What I did not notice however, the significant drop in output at 2ohms.Aww. ......... I had originally thought to load 1/2 the amp with 3 x 8 ohm speakers operating below 250Hz's. The other 1/2, same drill, stereo. Now the question becomes, What will the amp think of this. Is this a 2ohm load or 4ohm, switch back and forth trying to figure out what this pinhead has done to me! Further, not withstanding this amp, what do amps think about a +/- 2.7 load, adding the inverse and rounding, in general. Back in my day there wern't to many amps goin down to 2 Ohms and liking it. On a completely different topic, anybody know where a guy could buy 1 black body collet knob with a white cap and pointer? best I could come up with is 3000 min @ $.48 each That makes it a darn expensive control knob! Apologies in advance if I've not done something correctly. First time caller.......... Is this where you hang up and listen?