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  1. hello, im kinda new to building PA systems but i am trying to learn. here is my problem: currently i have 2 b-52 LX-1515 speakers which are each rated at 4 Ohms with power handling of 800W i also have one b-52 LX-18 which is rated at 8 Ohms with a 1000W power handling. the current amps that i have powering them is the following: 1 QSC RMX 1450(for 1st LX-1515)in bridged mono 1 QSC RMX 1450(for 2nd LX-1515)in bridged mono 1 QSC RMX 2450(for LX-18)in bridge mono. my question is... am i under powering anything? i ask this because my bass (LX-18) does not have any loud sub kick to it at all.. its verry bland and mellow.. i want some chest thumping bass!! [smile] can someone explain to me that if i have a speaker that has a power handling of 1000Watts what does the amplifier Wattage output have to be? double 1000Watts?? i dont know..