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  1. XTi 4000's output level drop

    I have not had anymore level drops, even had a 3 band concert that really pushed the system. I am still trying to figure out why I did not see any clip indicators either via front panel or software.
  2. XTi 4000's output level drop

    I think I have found my issues: 1. The input meter is before the input attenuator. 2. The limiter is before the output meter. 3. The meter LED's on the front panel are actually output meters, not input. Without the software interface, it is possible to feed a 0dBFS or greater signal to the input DAC and not know it. I have had to add an EQ with input and output VU meters to set my input level correctly. It turns out I needed approximately 26db pad in line. I think I was overdriving the input, although I never saw a clip light. Would the -3 limiter setting hide the clip light, since it is limiting prior to the meter?
  3. XTi 4000's output level drop

    I changed out the 31 band EQ in the rack with one that has VU meters for input and output so I can try to isolate the issue. I am not confident the software VU meter is accurate so this will give me a second look at the same source. I also loaded the newer Band Manager device files and presets. One thing I did notice is now only the channel 1 level control on the front panel works, I am in Y mode as I was before. I adjusted the output level viasoftware interface to balance the subs and full range. This appears to be correct according to the signal path diagram online. Also, I drove the input signal to close to Zero dBFS and still did not see a limiter indication, also did not see any clipping on the input. I think the limiter is on the output, is that correct? If that is so, I would not see limiter as I am peaking around -10dBFS, which is one amber box on the software screen.
  4. XTi 4000's output level drop

    The Limiter is set for -3, I do not see any clip indicators and my levels are peaking in the -10 dBFS range, which I have set to match my console meter. Would there be an indicator for when the limiter is limiting? I have not noticed one.
  5. XTi 4000's output level drop

    Purchased and installed February 2008. When the level drops, the pots on the front are not touched, I did run a test and watch the Band Manager screen and saw a drop in the output level meter that corresponded to the audible drop I heard. It sounds like the low end is attenuated. I am running the DSP preset for VRX928LA PSub, the only change I made was raising the crossover point to 113Hz and storing into preset position 11. I do see that there is a newer preset file set for Band Manager, I will try to load that one and see if my condition improves.
  6. XTi 4000's output level drop

    How accurate is the meter display in SA or Bandmanager? Via both software displays the input level remains good without dropping even when the output goes low. Is it safe to assume that the input signal is not the issue by monitoring the software meters?
  7. I have 2 XTi 4000's each driving a VRX928 stack with one channel, the second channel is driving a VRX15S, all channels have a 4 Ohm load. This has worked great for a year and a half, now I get a significant SPL drop ( about 15 dB on my SPL meter at the mixer console ) after 45 minutes of musical content. I monitored the XTi's via Bandmanager software and the input meter stays at the same level, the output meters do drop. The XTi's are plugged directly into 2 separate circuit breaker wall outlets. Any ideas where to look for issue, the DSP boards? But then I question how 2 would fail identically at the same time. Is there a way to bypass the onboard DSP for testing or is it always inline?
  8. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    That is what I did..... I guess I will contact JBL.
  9. I have a cluster of 3 VRX928's and 1 VRX915S, attached to an XTi4000 amp, with channel 1 to the sub, and channel 2 to the VRX928's passive. I loaded the preset for PSub from the device file. The EQ was flat for channel 2, and a 2.5db bump around 45Hz for channel 1. But, I noticed the EQ was turned off by default after loading the preset, so I enabled the EQ Filters. The system still sounds like it needs presence. Can someone please list the steps to seting up the preset? Do I still need to adjust the EQ to the specs listed on the PDF file included with the tunings?