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  1. This is a specific application. It is not in the audio domain. I intend to buy a switched power amp I-Tech 4000 to drive a piezzo pillar between 5 and 300Hz using the bridge mode sweeping over 60 sec repeatedly over and over . This load is mostly capacitive and there no danger to go very low in frequency since the impedance is growing up and current is decreasing toward LF. On the other end I won't go over 300Hz But, before writing my P.O, I would like to be certain that I won't be bothered by all the limits, (Low and High load impedance etc ...) could they be disabled? Same for any high pass (low cut) filter, can it be set to OFF so I can run @ 5 Hz ? and even lower ? Is there a possibility to set up a 300 or 500Hz high cut filter, to avoid high output current ? So far I was using a YAMAHA P4500, but it is only 1440W in bridge mode, it is not a swithed amp and it is getting hot since it is running the whole day long. Thank you, Arnaud