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  1. I am driving my two VRX918S (same as SRX718S) with Crown itech8000 in bridged mode without any problem. return your subs for checkout. Cheers
  2. Hi all, is it possible to use Itech8000 for vrx932 tops in bi-amp or the amp too powerful for vrx932 top? I have preset tunning in the amp but it sound like too miuch high when using Itech8000 in VRX932 in bi-amp mode. thanks
  3. itech8000 and vrx system

    Any help? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I got 2 itech 8000 to drive 6 vrx932 tops and 4 vrx918s in passive mode( 1 amp drive 3tops and 2 subs per side) Later on I will get another pair of sub to add to my system, the question is can 1 itech8000 drive 6 subs (3 sub per chanel)? I know the amp can go down to 2 ohms but is it too much load for the amp? if I want to bi-amp the top will an xti1000 do the job for Horn section? or is there any other better way? Thanks
  5. Itech 8000 preset download

    Thanks for you help. Everything working fine and I love the sound and power of ITech8000. Thanks for great product. Cheers Bui
  6. Itech 8000 preset download

    Thanks, The amp is working fine through System Achitect. I have 1 more problem, I use 4 core speaker conection but the amp only output through +1 -1 when I switch my VRX sub to +2 -2 there is no sound? Thanks again. Bui
  7. Itech 8000 preset download

    Thanks for the replied. Jands Australia just upload the new version for me, the screen now shown Display V2.0.7.6 DSP V2.076. What should I need to do to make it work in System Achitect 1.8? Thanks again
  8. Itech 8000 preset download

    I used the Cat 5 cable and did it step by step: 1- Setup IP address in the laptop 2- conect cat 5 cable to the amp 3- open TCPIQ utility and do a discovery function Nothing show up, I also reset the amp, by the way my amp is version 1.3. Thanks
  9. Itech 8000 IQ problems

    Hi All, I had the same problem with my ITech 8000, at no load the fan just went crazy loud after 4 mins of start up. After a week I still could not get the laptop link to the amp??? Thanks
  10. Itech 8000 preset download

    Someone out there please help Thanks
  11. Hi All, What do I need to do to down load preset from laptop to the itech 8000 amp, when I try to connect the Ethenet cable from the amp to laptop and open the System Achitect 1.8 and there is nothing show up in the page(I have used XTi4000 before and it is just a straight forward hookup). Thanks for all your help.
  12. Hi all, I bought 4 XTi 4000 amps, 4 VRX918S and 4 932 top, somehow all the amps are clipping very easily, I try to run my amps in bi-amp, passive, stereo or bridge mode made no different, the amps still clipping even when people just talked, my Yamaha 01v96 output around -18db on the readout but the amps already went into clipping, is it the internal processor make it clipped or something wrong with these amp? run amp in bypass mode and use driverrack PA will make any different? Many thanks
  13. Hi All, I got an XTi4000 amp and want to run in bridged mode, what setting should I set for input Stereo or ch1+ch2? I already set the output to bridged and connect +1 +2 conection. Thanks