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  1. DC-300A turn-on thump

    The second strip is not a surge protector type strip, but a simple power strip with a built in breaker. Thanks again to all who helped this power amp newbie!
  2. DC-300A turn-on thump

    I reconfigured the AC hookup per your suggestion and everything is fine. There is no noise, hum or buzz from the Crown without the AC adapter. Thanks for all of your help and the LO-FO tip. I have the Crown plugged directly into the surge protector strip and the secondary strip that is piggybacked has one of my TT's and my CD player plugged into it. I never use these 2 components at the same time, so I figured they would be the best candidates to plug into the secondary strip.
  3. DC-300A turn-on thump

    Since it's best to turn the power amp OFF first, I assume that the power amp should be turned ON first, and then the pre-amp?
  4. DC-300A turn-on thump

    Thanks for the help. I've been turning the power OFF and ON at the pre-amp with the Crown plugged into the switched outlet with no problems. I make sure that all volume controls are fully CCW first. The pre-amp is a Pioneer SA-9100 integrated amp that I bought new in 1975 and recently had rebuilt. It's definitely not current or modern, except for the new parts inside. I use a spike arrestor/power strip to plug in every other component and it's presently full. Can I plug another strip into that one and piggyback safely? Both strips are fused. The other options are to plug the power amp directly into the wall outlet or into the strip and plug something else into the wall. The Crown manual also mentions using a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter, which I am using. I've been told the Crown will hum without it. Is this true or should I remove the adapter? Thanks for the clarification on the wattage. That's what I thought was going on, but have never seen them published anywhere. I have an owner's manual and could only find 8 ohm ratings. I glanced at the service manual online and thought they were the same document. I'll take a closer look.
  5. DC-300A turn-on thump

    According to the DC-300A manual, Crown recommends fast acting fuses per a nomograph depending on impedance and peak music power. Advent recommends 2 amp slow blows for speakers wired in parallel and 1 amp for 2 pair wired separately, but they state that 3 amp fast acting fuses can be substituted. Advent recommends fusing their speakers when the amp is more than 60wpc. The Crown manual also states that the power amp be plugged into the pre-amp switched outlet. I'd like to find more info on that issue because I had the same concerns. The switched outlet on the pre-amp says 150W max. Thanks for your help on the thump issue. Sounds like rotating all of the level controls CCW is not a bad habit to get into. I always did it before, but never had a power amp involved.
  6. DC-300A turn-on thump

    I recently picked up a DC-300A power amp in excellent physical condition with the carton and manual from the early 80's. I hooked it up according to the manual, meaning that I powered it up by turning on the pre-amp and then rotated the outputs on the Crown. The Crown is plugged into a switched receptacle on the pre-amp. I then started my source and used the volume on the pre-amp to adjust the listening level. Everything sounds great. The Crown blows my previous amp away, which I'm using as the pre-amp now. The low end was more defined, tighter, with a bigger soundstage and the brightness that I sometimes hear from the mids and highs disappeared. I especially noticed the elimination of the brightness on my CD player, although I listen to mostly vinyl. I'm using 2 pairs of Advents for my speakers wired in parallel. I've read that they come alive with a 200wpc amp and I can definitely vouch for that. By the way, with the Advents wired in parallel, I'm pushing a 4 ohm load and I've read that this beast is rated at about 260wpc at 4 ohms. I've also read 340 wpc. Does anyone really know? Crown does not publish 4 ohms specs for this model. My issue, if it is one, is that everything worked fine and I turned the system off, first lowering the volume on the pre-amp but not the DC-300A. Then I turned the power off from the pre-amp and there was no thump or anything. The next day, when I turned the pre-amp on, there was a thump in the left channel and it blew the 3 amp fast acting fuse I have in-line to the speakers per Advent and Crown instructions. It blew again after I replaced the fuse and tried again. I've since turned the output levels on the Crown down all the way before turning off the power at the pre-amp. There isn't any thump at all when I have the output levels turned down and power ON at the pre-amp now. It's obvious that I need to continue to turn the outputs down before I power on or off, but is that the way it's supposed to work? The manual only states that the outputs be all the way CCW during hook-up and installation. It mentions nothing about turning them down every time. Does anyone know whether there may be something wrong here? I've never had such a powerful amp hooked up to my home stereo. This power amp thing is new to me. Thanks for any help. I just joined this forum today. I belong to a couple of others but figured this forum would be the place to ask.