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  1. I have recently purchased a new xls 802 amp. I am running Cerwin vega towers that I am Bi amping. So channel 1 to the horn and tweeters on both cabinets and Channel 2 to woofers on both cabinets. The only problem is the woofer and horns are both 4 ohm speakers. Doing this would give me an impedance of 2 ohms on each channel. Are these amps stable at 2 ohms? If so we gig for about 3-4 hours straight, would that amount of time cause thermal issues. I have the amps well ventilated. I know that I could make a cable and series the speakers to get an impedance of 8 ohms but at this the amp wont have enough wattage to power these speakers. Let me know what you think
  2. crown xs700

    I currently am running 2 B1800X pro subs and 2 yamaha BR15's for mid's and highs. When I connected the subs the first time i noticed popping noises and this was running in stereo with 450 watts per side. I started reading internet forums and found that this occurs when these subs are under powered. I set the amp to bridge mode and set the subs parallel so that it would be a 4 ohm load and the amp would give 1900 watts. Still popping! I read some more and found a bunch of reviews on the subs showing the amps and wattage they were using to push them. I then set the amp bridged at 8 ohm and ran 1645 watts into one sub. Wahla the sub came alive and my office tried to come down since there was so much bass. I then went and bought another xs 700 and bridged it 8 ohms to run the other sub and have had no problems anymore. Except there is so much bass that it will just about stop your heart from beating. If you are running 2 subs that amp is not going to be enough power. The S1800 subs take considerably less power but are not near the sub the B1800x is.