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  1. I bought an XTI a couple of months ago to power my klipsch rf-83 floorstanders. I was going from my Denon 2106 receiver to this amp - and I noticed a couple of things right off. The first is I have much more power and precision, especially along the lower frequencies. The second thing I noticed was a "ffffffffffffffffffffff" sound that is constantly emitting from the tweeter as soon as the XTI is powered up. I didn't have this when powering from my receivers amp. My second problem started about 2 weeks ago. Channel two cuts out (seemingly at random). Tapping the amp fixes the problem (sometimes it takes a great deal of tapping!), but it is a huge annoyance and I would like to get that fixed. I saw a similar problem with channel 2 on this thread: http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2051 My xti looks exactly the same as the picture that is linked to in that thread. So I have 2 questions. 1) What do I do about the "fffffffffffff" noise? (Is it normal?) It isn't really noticeable when there is noise above whispering in a movie, but during those scenes and when there is no signal it is audible and takes away from whatever I'm listening to. 2) Channel 2 dropping out - is this a simple 'solder the binding post to the board' that should be attempted at home (I have a bit of soldering experience from making my own cables...) or does this unit need to be sent in to the factory? Thank you for your help! -Josh