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  1. Amp For JBL MPRO's And SRxxxxX's

    Thanks for the feedback. I have an XTi4000 on the way for my MP412's. As far as the rest, I am going to continue with my hernia makers for right now .....an MA-3600VZ and a couple of K2's . I like the K2's because their damping factor is >3000, and they loaf along driving the MP418 subs when they are bridged at 4ohms. I also have 2 CE-1000's that are still new in the boxes. They should do a good job on the SR4735x's. When they are bridged they put out 900watts at 8ohms. I'll just have to invest in more rollers for my racks! I expect it won't be long before I buy more XTi4000's. They are just sooooo much lighter and have many more features. 73, Don
  2. I could not find an answer after searching the archives so: I have 2 JBL MP412's rated 350 watts/1400 watts 8 ohms each and 2 JBL MP418's rated 600 watts/2400 watts 4 ohms each. They will be pushed. I also have 2 JBL SR4735X's rated 600 watts/1200 watts 8 ohms each and 1 JBL SR4719X rated 1200 watts/2400 watts 4 ohms (2 2241H drivers 8 ohms each in parallel). I would like to run the XTi's with both sets (not at the same time, though....... well maybe . What will give me the best match....in both 2 channel stereo and/or bridged? The great thing about the 4735's; they are three ways and can be bi-amped very nicely...not now but somewhere down the line. Any combination you guys can think of will be appreciated. Thanks, Don