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  1. A couple of things amke sure you have a "modem" serial cable that is wired straight thru pin to pin not a null-modem cable. A nul-modem cable has a couple of pins swapped. If your computer does not have an RS-232 port than we recommend the use of a PCMCIA to RS-232 card like the SOCKET "Serial I/O PC Card". We don't generally recommend USB to serial adapters as we have seen some work better with some computers than others and it's hard to say which one will actually work on a particular computer. What is the Roll Call/Component Discovery displaying? Is the Roll Call jumping threw the four Comm Ports and going into the software Workplace screen? Is the Roll Call jumping threw the avalable baud rates for one Comm Cort and saying that there is no interface found? Or is it displaying a CTS low statement? Is the Roll Call any different connected to the USM810 then when run not connected to the USM810? Hi and Thanks again DGlass, I'll test the cable to see if it is going pin to pin of if some are crossed. The Roll Call is attempting to connect on Comm3. It searches and goes into the workplace screen only after it says it has finished a "roll call" and nothing shows up in the Roll Call window. It never says no interface found, it just comes up with nothing and says "finished". I saw nothing about a CTS low statement. There is no difference in the Roll Call scan and/or results whether my computer connected to the USM810 or not. I appreciate your help. Thanks DenyseB
  2. Thanks DGlass, I've downloaded the iq5.12 software and successfully installed it. I've gotten a seriel cable with a Belkin F5U409 USB to seriel adapter. Now I'm having problems communicting with the USM 810. I highly suspect the USB to Seriel adapter, but I have no concrete evidence to that effect. The iq software simply doesn't find any hardware. Am I barking up the right tree here? Should I look for another way to connect to the USM 810? My PC has no seriel ports. Any thoughts? I'm just about ready to smash the living *beep* out of this unit and put me out of my misery. DenyseB in high PMS
  3. Hello All, I've recently taken on a job where they have installed a Crown USM 810, a Crown CL2 and a CL4 pushing a nice pair of biamp-able Community speaker cabinets. I have no doubts that this system is very powerful and more than I need in a middle school auditorium. Problem is the previous engineer did some funky rigging while incorporating an odd Bogen VAR-1 (voice activated relay) system, and possibly sabotaged the system. After untangling the mess in the back of the rack, I've figured how the thing is wired but, the system sounds pretty bad. All mids and no bottom or top. I need a little education on the USM 810 unit, what it does, how to program it, and why it's even in this particular system. I think it may a be a bit of overkill, but I'll never know how this thing sounds and what it's capable of if I don't hook it up properly. Anyone got a good knowledge of the USM 810? Can I pick your brain? Thanks DB