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  1. XTi Band Manager Gain structure

    Hi. I had a similar problem with my xtis not too long ago. We ended figuring out it was a power issue. Ac clipping is reflected on the input meters and your output meters will not show you the performance your looking for in other words you output meters say you got way more to go before clipping yet your input meters are clipping like crazy. So make sure you have adequate power especially for the bridge mono amps. I try to keep each pair of my xti 4000 on one 30 amp breaker. Now the breaker will not limit power if it's smaller than 30 amp it will just jump if you exceed what ever the rating is. So the interesting and probably more important part is how you cable the amps to ac power. If your using extension cords make sure you got atleast 12awg cable this is where lots of power can be lost. I would only put 2 amps on one 12awg cable. If your going long distances make sure you compensate for that with thicker cable. Becareful if you plug more than 2 amps to one extension cord. Remember most 120v receptacles are rated at 20 amps max and some are 15 amp. So if you plug in several amps to maybe a 4 way splitter and then have a decently thick extension cord (say 10awg) when you connect that cord to your power distro or the wall you still plugging into (1) 120v plug that's only rated for 20 amps. Remember your xtis draw about 10 amps each (xti 6000 slightly more) at 1/8th power pink noise. I was helped by a member of crown's staff here on the forum and the real test was plugging the amps straight to the distro. With 1 amp per plug. It made the world of difference. Now inputs are not peaking with ac peaks. Of coarse we can't always have our amps by the distro so when the need comes to have the power amps far from the distro lots of thought has to go into how you get the ac power flowing to your amps. ie thicker cables, more cables and be careful how much you load on each receptacle in all parts of the ac power chain.
  2. Crossover settings for Srx

    I am using an xti 4000 in bridge mono for each cab both subs and tops. I know a little under powered for the 728s but that's what my budget allowed at the time.
  3. Hi I was wondering what settings everyone is using as far as xover points on the Jbl Srx 728 and 725. I am using one xti4000 on each speaker so I guess technically I'm using low pass and highpass filters not the xover feature. Along with this Jbl's Files for band manager only have xover features for scenarios where one speaker is on each side of the amp. So again I'm asking for what slope and frequency to set my low and highpass for each speaker. Or maybe someone can direct me to where the information is published or how to calculate this with information that is published(ex. Speaker freq charts etc.). Thank you. Anthony
  4. xti4000 clipping before zero

    Thanks so much. One more question though? What kind og plug could I use for the amps. The one that goes from the receptical to the amp. And I'm assuming I'm gonna run (2) hot 120 legs but should the amps be connected to the 240V or are u talking about powering the rack with 240V then splitting two legs and connecting the amp to 120V recepticals
  5. xti4000 clipping before zero

    Ok thanks. I thought you meant to cut the whole thing with a really wide Q between 60hz to 120hz. But I'll play around with it and try RTAing the system. Also I have four xti4000 in a rack. These amps are selfsensing voltage if I remember correctly. So that being said what would be the most ideal method to power the rack electrically.
  6. xti4000 clipping before zero

    Thank you. Now if I use cut filters between 60hz and 120 and a low pass at 40 and I'm already using low pass at around 91 the I would pretty much not be using the subs.?? Also on tops I have a highpass at somewhere between 90 and 100 and I am experiencing the same problem. Another thing I might add is that the electrical cable was on a long throw(about 100 ft on 12awg 120v )
  7. xti4000 clipping before zero

    Hello. Last night I was having an issue with all my xti4000s clipping before zero. There was one green light left off before the red clip light would turn on. So I connected to band manager. The inputs were no were near peaking. They were reaching about halfway. The outputs were also only reaching about half way but the clip indicator was turning on simultaneously with the light on the face of the amps. Mostly during big hits in the music or when all vocals were singing. But the output meter never even got close to zero. Also I've heard other JBL728 like mine and they seem to bump like crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the most out of one xti4000 for every srx725 and 728 in bridge mono mode.
  8. Xti no sound

    No. With the DSP OFF they work fine. Also would you know if there are any tunnings for the SRX700 the way I run them, which is one speaker cab per amp in bridge mono.
  9. Xti no sound

    I am using them in bridge mono mode with nuetrix connectors so I am using pins +1 and +2. The "short 1" message appeared for only a couple of seconds immeadiatly after setting the custom setting I use(bridge mono, y input, eq out, x-over, etc) . After those couple of seconds the amp would begin working. However I have not encountered that problem anymore. The frustrating thing now is having to connect my computer everytime I start up the Xti's. It's as if they are in mute, but when i connect to bandmanager the mute button is not on, however to make them work I have to mute them, then unmute them and then they work perfect. The solution that I am looking for would allow me to start the amps and for my preset to work without any computer connected.
  10. Xti no sound

    I am running Xti 4000's, and everytime i start them up there is no sound. I have tried setting other DSP's and then back to the custom one that I use. Its only worked a few times. and acctually it displays "short 1" then itll go into the Custom DSP and work fine. This however does not happen all the time. So the only other way to fix the problem is to connect the amps to band manager, hit the mute or mute all button and then un mute. Then they will work as normal. A little background as to when this started happening. The only thing i can recall doing around the same time that this started is downloading the JBL Srx files for bandmanager. I tried using the files but none of them were set up the way i use them which is one XTI per speaker cab in bridge mono mode. The ones feeding the subs with there respective crossover as well as the ones feeding the tops, kinda like a lowpass for lows and high pass for highs at about 90hz. What im looking for is to avoid having to connect my macbook to the amps everytime I turn them on. Also is there band manager for Mac yet, another reason that this is such an inconvenience is because i have to restart my macbook to Windows7 via bootcamp.
  11. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 - Suggested Settings

    yes you are right channel 1 is to be used in bridge mono. Actually im shocked to hear that your Xti works in bridgemono mode connected to channel 2 output; mine do not. Couple things you can double check and make sure. 1) In bridge mono mode only channel 1 input is functional unless you change your Y-input setting to Ch1+Ch2. 2) The output or speakon connection should be plugged into channel 1 output 3) Make sure your speakon connections are wired to pin +1 and +2 at the side that connects to the amp only. When you buy speakon cables the are wired to +1-1 on both sides. So if you havent changed then you will need to. It ussually only takes a small screw driver to do this. You need to twist off the end (usually blue) of one side. Then you will see 2 wires and 4 connectors. The wire that is on pin +1 will remain the same. The wire that is on -1 will be disconnected and connected to the pin that says +2. Close it up and label it AMP or something to remind you that that end plugs into the amp.
  12. Xti 6000 for SRX 728

    My setup so far is (4) XTI 4000 all in bridge mono running a pair of 725 and a pair of 728, one amp per speaker. The I would like to purchase 2 XTI6000 on to power each 728 in bridge mono mode. This will give 6000watts per cab. 728 are rated at 3200 program and 6400 peak. Will i still be in a good range or will this be too much power for the 728s? Another question, after the purchase I would like to use one xti4000 for powering highs in three way. Im guessing i would only use one side of an Xti4000 to run both of the horns in the 725. Would this be too much power for them????
  13. What XTi Amp to use.....

    xtis are awesome amps. thats all i use for foh.(mainly cause ITs are too expensive) For the jrx i would use an xti 4000 to get 650 watts @ 8 ohms from each side of the amp. thats for one jrx connected on each side. if u decide to go with four then u would connect two on each side of the amp and that would produce a 4 ohm load which will mean 1200watts per side of the amp which means 600 per sub since there are 2 connected to each side of the amp
  14. Crown XTI Electrical

    The question is can the Xti amps be run off of 220vac if so how? I see in the manual the rating for them is 120/240 but I don't think I can just plug them into a 220 outlet. Thanks
  15. Does anyone have any remedies of suggestions on how to eliminate ground noises. I have been sometimes hearing ground hums through Shure wireless mics, and sometimes through my xti4000's with all channels off running from my own power supply connected to 220v. I use my system atleast once a week and this happens periodically but not always. the setup is almost always the same. Please post any remedies for any different types of grounds coming from different devices, (ie fx racks, crossovers, compressors,)