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  1. Never mind, I realized my Gigaport AS was being a little *beep*. Plugged the Ipod into the amps and both units work GREAT!!
  2. Okay, I've had 2 Crown XTi 4000 since Nov 2006. A year ago I reseated the ribbon cable, as the forums said this would resolve a the problem I was having. However, today both were working fine with DSP off. I decided to give the System Architect a try and upgrade the firmware on both units. After doing one unit, it looked like everything was fine. Had sound out of both channels good to go. So, I upgraded the other unit and no sound out of channel 1. I switched back to the first unit and channel 1 was gone on that one as well. I've did the usual trouble shooting, it isn't cords, speakers, or display settings. I have also reinstalled the firmware a couple times on each unit with no success. Any suggestions? I thought I had this problem licked for a couple years but this is really becoming annoying.