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  1. DC300A hums

    Thank you for your response! I got the manual. You state "the ol' brain is not what it used to be..." I noticed I posted this question a couple years ago.
  2. DC300A hums

    My ole DC300A hums, not through the just has a humming sound emanating from the amp. I was looking for a pdf manual to see if there were any suggestions, but could not find an old user manual. If anyone has any suggestions or a link to a manual, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
  3. DC300-A hum

    Thank you for your response Karlos! It is comforting to know that there is really nothing to it. I don't have the dough to mess with it anyway and would REALLY miss the amp while it was gone. (I would probably never attempt an electrical equipment repair and would have to send it to Elkhart)
  4. DC300-A hum

    Thank you for your response Stephane, but it is not a vibrational noise. It is an audible electronic hum...not terrible, but very noticeable (which is actually sometimes good because it lets me know I've still got the system on since the light in the power switch is burned out.)
  5. DC300-A hum

    I've just started using a DC300-A that was given to me as the power for a home stereo and have been experiencing a hum from the amp...not through the speakers, but from the amp itself. Is this typical, or should I be concerned? Thanks!
  6. DC300A and Yamaha AX-630

    Thank you for your reply and help. I hooked the system up as described and I am afraid the Yamaha is not a suitable preamp. Although I did get sound through the speakers, none of the Yamaha controls (volume, loudness, bass, treble) functioned. Also, I had the gain controls up as high as 6 or 7 on the DC300A, which I would have thought would have been way, way too loud, but the sound was just clean and crisp, very flat and not very loud. There were some problems with the DC300A. One channel came in and out a bit and the unit was still sending signal (some noise) with the power switch off for several minutes. (I had to disconnect the speakers even with the Crown power and Yamaha turned off to keep from hearing sounds.) From Indianapolis, IN, what Crown Service Center would you suggest that I utilize for repair? Thanks again for your help!!!!
  7. DC300A and Yamaha AX-630

    Sorry guys, but please don't get caught up over this. If I can't use it, I'll have to return it to one of my best friends. If I sold it or even gave it away, I'd lose a friend or maybe just *beep* him off. Either way, it's not going to happen.
  8. DC300A and Yamaha AX-630

    Thank you for your response Stephane. The Yamaha is an old stereo amplifier that I've owned since the early eighties and has served me well on its' own. I'm not into home theater...just good ole music. The Crown DC300A was used heavily in the concert PA system environment back in the seventies (I think).