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  1. Itech fan problem(?)

    I have the same issue with my ITech 8000, which is driving two subs at low power - the fans start-up quickly without any significant load and then get faster and louder. I realize the amp needs cooling, but I don't believe the fans are operating properly in my unit. Should I send this unit in to be looked at, and where - the North Miami facility? I'm in South Florida.
  2. I have a I Tech 8000 that I am using to power my DIY subwoofer(s) in a home theater setting. The amp is located in an entertainment unit ( enclosed ) that I have modified to create cooling flow. I have three 120mm Scyth S Flex fans blowing air in and another three exhausting air out of the unit. The fan arrangement seems to work quite well, but when I use my ITech for sub duty, it doesn't take long for the I Tech fans to kick in ( like two mintues even with little bass information involved ). I am sure I have not been pushing the amp at all, and it does not feel hot to the touch, but the fans activate and continue to run. Currently I am running in the bridged mode and feeding one of my subs ( 4 ohm nominal load ) with the I Tech, but soon I will have another DIY sub completed and will be running the I Tech in 2 channel mode. The question I have is - should I expect the fans to run continuously? I could take the amp out of the entertainment unit and place it in 'free air,' but I would be surprised if it runs any cooler doing that as opposed to being in the entertainment unit with the cooling fan arrangement. I'm just trying to figure out how to get quiet operation for most of the program material, understanding that during high output required situations that the fans will come on to help with the amp cooling. Comments? Thanks