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  1. lockout options

    I will email you the proceedure but it will reset the amps to factory default. You will have to reset addressing and reload your programming. I just started as the new DJ at a club. They fired the other DJ. They have four Crown XTI amps and the other DJ is the only one who knows the password. I went there tonight to see what equipment I would be working with and found these amps setup completly wrong. I tried to change some settings and I could not. I tried to do the soft unlock and did not work becuase I think the amps where setup with pc cia the software or hard lock. I am taking my laptop tommorow to gain access to the amps via software interface to see if I can get in to the amps to set them up correctly. I am not certain if there is a password. If there is a password how can I reset the password? Can I factory reset the amps and gain access? If so how do I do this? I just spent a few hours researching your site and this is the closest I have come to getting an answer please help. I need to know this very very soon as the club is open tommorow night and I think before he left he did all this mess on purpose. Thanks in advance for your help.