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  1. Setting amp to mono mode for sub: Open System Architect and your amp will display in the 'Venue Pane' Double click on the amp Select Output Select mono output Select crossover and set the high pass to 35 hz and the low pass to 100 Select the EQ and set the filters how you like them. I would suggest setting the first filter to 55 hz and increasing the output by 2 db. This will give you a nice thump. Select Limiter and set to -3. This will help protect your speakers. Select Save patch and save it to one of the user locations on the amp.[/b][/i] Hello again. I'm just double checking. Guy at music store said to set low bypass at 35hz and high at 100. which is correct. He recommended linkwise riley 24. You never mentioned which one u recommend, because I havent got a clue. also should i be clicking the little box next to the minimize to turn it red. also by limiter do you mean low shelf filter. also in the eq page or crossover page do i want to be clicking on the enable buttons so that they are green or do i need them left as enabled. thank u. i really want to make sure i get this right.
  2. Bill. Thank for your help. It is much appreciatted. I do have a few questions though. Just to let you know This system is being used as a karaoke/DJ service normally ran twice a week. My preamp is a dj mixer that recieves its input from a toshiba laptop. From the mixer xrls run out to a double band equalizer, from there xrls are run to my amplifier. It is a fairly large bar that can hold 300 comfortably. My uses are to be able to have good quality sound for the singers, and be able to rock out and thump during dance sets. I do have a few questions. Although I have not been in the s.a. program yet, so far I was able to follow what you were saying. I was a little confused about what you were saying by eq filters and setting them. I really would not know how to go about setting them by listening to the speakers. Also would my external eq effect this. i currently have my eq set in the typical "smiley face" configuration. It is set this way just because thats how i see other dj's having it set. I am by no means a technical genius but I am trying to become more knowledged based. I was able to follow how to hook all the amps together. I am confused on the brige mono wiring though. On the back of the amp I see two different ways too hook up. There is a left and right speaker via speakon, or a right and left speaker via bannana plug. On the back of my sp 5 speakers I have two 1/4" jacks on each speaker. I don't believe there is any speakon connection. Right now I own speakon to 1/4" cables, as well as bannana to 1/4", along with several 1/4" to 1/4" cables. obviously into my speakers is going to have to be 1/4" inch. I am wondering what should be on the cable end going into the amps and where to plug. on a different note I was wondering if I would be safe running with an xti 2000 in brige mono for the highs instead of two xti 1000's. In regards to running a 4ohm load in bridge mono, do you feel these amp can handle this capacity on a regular basis? thank you! any help would be much appreciatted.
  3. Hello. I currently am running an xti4000 amp with peavey sp5 speakers. I have replaced the scorpion speakers with black widows which i believe run about 650 rms each side. I have not configured the amp in anyway. It is set the dsp off mode and runs 650 watts per side as each speaker is 8 ohms. I have recently ordered a pair of 8ohm peavey sp118 subs. So this is where my questions are at. I believe the settings are 600 continuos 1200 program and 2400 peak. I am confused on what amp(s) I need to use. I kinda wanted to stick with the xti series amps. My limited knowledge had me thinking that I could use maybe another xti4000 or possibly (2) xti1000 amps in bridge mono. my next question was whether I would need to purchase a crossover, or if i could set up this either in the display mode or using computer software. Finally I was wondering how the amps would connect together. Currently 2 xrl cables are ran from my preamp to my xti4000 amp. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated in regards to my future amp puchase, display/crossover settings and configuring, and connecting multiple amplifiers. thank you!