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  1. I have (2) XTi-4000's and I'm not sure about the Y-input. It states in the manual that Ch.1 input signal goes to Ch.1 & Ch.2 output. Ch.2 input is ignored. What is the benefit of doing this? Is this considered parallel output, ie. (2) 8 ohm speakers would now be (2) 4 ohm speakers? I'm planning to run a pair of JBL MRX-515's on one amp and a single JBL MRX-518S on another amp. Can anyone offer any suggestions/comments/recommendations for setup? Thanks in advance!
  2. DGlass, since my last post, I've purchased another XTi-4000. Obviously, I'm planning on using one amp for the JBL MRX-515's and one amp for the JBL MRX-518S. I'm going to run the sub bridged. My question is, can I run the JBL MRX-515's with the "Y-Input"? Will this still be a stereo input, but lower the impedance on the MRX-515's to give me more wattage? Any other comments or suggestions are gladly welcomed and much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. DGlass, thanks for replying! I'll be using this setup for DJ'ing...I would like to use the two MRX515's and a single MRX518S for the time being and hopefully, eventually can get another sub and another amp. What are your recommendations? Thanks again!
  4. Wow, I thought for sure someone would reply!!!??? Help, please??? Thanks.
  5. Wow, I thought for sure someone would reply!!!???
  6. Hello, I just purchased an XTi-4000 that I'm planning on using for a pair of JBL MRX-515's and a single JBL MRX-518S. My question, is this possible? Is there anyone doing this? Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!