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  1. peavey subs and xti4000 question

    Never mind .I just noticed your speakers are 4ohm.
  2. I bought brand new a CE2000 that is used in bridge mode to power my subs. Even when taken out of the box brand new the fan will come on for several seconds when it is in bridge mode even if nothing is going through the amp. Is this normal? The amp never gets hot when it is fully operating.
  3. Can I also put a jumper wire on the barrier strip from ch.1 to ch.2 on a bridged CE2000 to create a signal pass through for ch.2 so I can daisy chain to a second bridged CE2000 like whoaru99 can do with his CE4000 buzz52
  4. ce2000 voltage

    I'm operating my ce2000 bridged powering my sub speakers. Would there be any advantage to operating this amp at 240 volts as opposed to 120 volts if this is even possible