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  1. Crown XS1200 Fault light

    Ok thanks! Can you send me the schematics for the crown xs1200 please? Sickness515006@yahoo.com
  2. Crown XS1200 Fault light

    how would I go about doing that? Amp is not under warranty anymore
  3. Just yesterday I was DJing at an event, lead singer of the band used my mic for singing and clipped my xs1200 into fault mode and now it wont turn back on. the ac main and fault light just stay on amp doesnt power up. Did I fry something or could it be just a fuse? It doesnt smell burned or anything. Please help I need to get this amp up and running asap for my next gig. Thanks
  4. oh okay. I have a dbx224xl crossover & I have the low frequency at 80hz on channel 1 & for channel 2 I have the low frequency at 80hz aswell will that make any difference? On the crossover I have low mid & high will moving any of those knobs help? When I turn the low frequency knob up on channel 2 it cuts out the bass the higher I go. if i have it all the way up i only get highs with no bass what so ever on channel 2 of the jrx125. I'll give you details on how I have the crossover hooked up; Both JRX 125 cabs are connected to the channel 1 & 2 high inputs on the crossover & I have the mrx528s on the channel 1 low frequency input. So I can only control the mrx528s on channel. On channel 2 I can only control channel 2 of the jrx 125 cab I can cut the low frequency if i move the knob higher. The crossover also has phase buttons on each channel
  5. That sounds about right. I'll hook up my xti 4000 today & do a little trial & error to see what sounds best. Thanks alot your a real big help. But being that I run the JRX125's off the XS1200 how would I set the high pass filter? Would I do it off my external crossover or in System architect with the xti 4000?
  6. Ok I am running 4 JBL JRX 125's off of a Crown XS1200 & a JBL MRX 528 sub on the Crown XTi 4000. What would be the best crossover setting for the JBL MRX 528 sub? Also whats the best EQ setting for the JBL MRX 528 sub in System Architect? I remember reading some where that the recommended setting for the MRX 528 is boosting up 55hz to 3db in system architect. Is that true? if not wat would be the best setting for it?
  7. Ohh Wow its actually easier then I thought it would be...Thank you very much for your help. Hopefully everything goes good & I get some good sound!! =)
  8. Hi, Im looking to upgrade my system. So far This Is my setup, 2 JBL JRX 125's powered by Crown XS1200 Im looking to add another pair of JBL JRX 125's & 2 Dual 18 MRX 528s Subs. Im planning on running Each Dual 18 MRX 528s with a XTI4000 Bridged for each sub & a DBX 234 Crossover to split the lows to the subs & the mid/highs to the JRX 125's. With the other pair of JBL JRX 125's running them on the XS1200 with the other JRX 125's. Im confused on what & how much cables I need to buy to hook everything up to the crossover & how to hook everything up. Can anyone please help me??
  9. Thanks Guys, Im trying to have to them send it out red cause I really need this cord in order to power it up for the gigs I have this weekend.
  10. *EDIT* Well I called crown but unfortunately they were closed. Im going to have to try tomorrow...I figured out I need a IEC 320 C19 To NEMA 5-15 Power Cable...How much will it cost? Can they expedite the shipping? cause on the 29th & 31st I have a gig.
  11. I recieved my Crown XS1200 Amp Today, Unpacked It Hoping I Could Plug it in to my system then I ran into a problem, the cord that came with the amp didnt fit the plug behing the amp. Usually amps have the computer type power plug with the 3 prongs running vertically, but the prongs in back of the amp run horizontally. I called Musicians Friend but they were no help....I have a gig coming up on New Years Im stressing cause I dont have the correct power supply...Somebody please point me in the right direction?