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  1. XTi2000 Signal Problem

    Mallia Audio, I replied to this problem in the other forum, it seems to be very common. When I find out what's happening with my amps I'll post back. C.
  2. Crown XTi 2000 Signal Problem

    Hi, For your info.... I had the same trouble with 2 XTi2000's I bought, along with the volume pot not turning off completely and the volume randomly going up and down on channel 2. The company I bought them from gave me 1 more XTi2000 to try, same fault developed on this after 3 days, so they took their replacement and my original one off me 3 weeks ago, I'm still waiting for an answer. I don't mind the delay because they have left me with 2 Macro-Tech amps which are SUPERB... so they can take as long as they want. For sure something is wrong with the XTi range. As soon as I know any info I'll post on this forum what has happened. C.
  3. Thanks guys for the help, Gustav when you say "The only part of the DSP processor in the XTI you need to make use of is to adjust the band pass gain setting to get the maximum gain available from the amplifier" How does this work, I'm usually in a venue for 3-6 months at a time so hooking up a PC to the amp every so often is no trouble. At the moment I'm running my amps at 12 o'clock, am I better running at full and changing something in the DSP? C.
  4. I have just purchased a Nexo PS8 (2 pair) and 1 sub along with the controller system and 2 Crown XTi2000 amps. I'm in a pno/vocal duo working in hotels, basic things: Piano mic (Shure Beta 91) Neumann vocal mics (with external D.A.V BG1 preamp) Yamaha 01V desk Yamaha SPX2000 effects unit Aphex Aural Exciter backing tracks from an iPod (usually bass & drum tracks - loops & sampled) I have the setup correct (I hope) but I'm wanting help on making sure the rig is setup the best I can get it. from the desk - Aphex Aural Exciter - Nexo controller - amps (stereo out and mono sub). The master channel on the O1V is flat. Individual channels are using EQ. Should I be flattening the PA or tuning it (not sure which wording is correct), the current room I'm working in is a Hotel lobby so it's a very large open area with a lot of echo and reflections. Sometime certain bass notes boom out, so I'm thinking about using the 01V master EQ to cut these bad frequencies out, I don't have a full band graphic EQ. The amps are not using any of the DSP settings. I have a radio shack SPL meter and hoping that from a customers point of view (seating area) I can setup the EQ and processing to make it as good as possible. Any starting points I can follow? Is it wise to play individual sine wavs and check on the SPL meter to see which is louder then reduce those on the 01V master EQ (narrow Q)? Should I also dip the crossover point around -1.5 or -2db (was told this from the company I purchased it all from)... how do I find out the crossover point? Thanks C.