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  1. CE-2000a

    Does this help? http://www.pa-forum.ro/viewtopic.php?t=1535 Thank you, How ever I already came across those images and they where of no help, I cant see where the wire plug into, Thank you for your help. -B
  2. CE-2000a

    Hello, I have a CE2000a Amp. One of my former Disc jockeys thought it was a good idea to take apart and clean my amp and try and clean it. (NOT HAPPY) I have been searching the net for photos on what wire goes where? I am unable to find anything. Can someone please help me out on this one. I am looking for where to hook the wires from the transformer, and where the Red, Green,blue & wight wires on the Main PCB go, Sorry I Really need help Thanks Brian DJ Coolwize CEO/Entertainer The Pros Entertainment Time To Shine Mobile entertainment