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  1. I-Tech 4000 Boot Problem

    Thank you, I'll give it a try
  2. Hi, Last week 2 of our Itech 4000 went down (Used for a VRX system). This at 2 different gigs. 1 Indicated a clip warning on channel 2 during operation. Turned it down to -40 dB, the warning disappeared, but the amp stopped giving output. The menu showed 0 clip errors. So I turned off the amp en wanted to reboot it. Unfortunately I'm unable to power it up. The front right button shows green, but when pressed, it doesn't do a thing. (No screen, nor led indication) The other amp has the same start-up problem. But didn't display any error the day before. No software changes have been made for the last 2 months. Is there anyway I can bring these amps back to life? Or do I have to return them?