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  1. Hi to everyone. well i had a problem with my xti 1000, i bought it like 4 weeks ago and when i was trying to set up the limiters of the amplifier it was blocked so when i try to do anything in the display appears to be blocked or locked i don{t remember exactly , but i can not change anything in the amplifier. i thought that downloading the IQ software it was possible to fix this problem but when i plug the amp to the computer and i run the software, the xti 1000 apperas to be offline. it dies not happen the same with the xti 2000 that i have, so pleas if som body knows how i can fix this problem i will be mor than thank, because it was set in Y mode. and i can not change anything. Edwin Benavides Sogamoso-Colombia
  2. does anybody know how to unlocked de xti 1000 amplifier. i was setting up the limiter and it was locked automatically. when i use the IQ software id appears to be off line